4 Delicious Ways to Rev Up Your Coffee

"Coffee is boring" said no one, ever. But no matter how delicious it is on its own or with the usual cream and sugar, there are so many other ways to add  flavor to your coffee! Check out these 4 interesting ways to spice up your morning (or elevenses, or afternoon, or evening) cup o' Joe.


1. Salt

Trust us with this one- if you ever experience bitter notes in your coffee, adding a pinch of salt to your grounds is a great way to help balance that flavor profile. It works by neutralizing the astringent or bitter taste (thanks, science). It can also make pre ground or lower quality coffee taste better! It is especially helpful for those trying to transition to drinking coffee black. 


2. Oatmilk

Whether you prefer non-dairy milk alternatives or the real stuff, there is no arguing that oat milk + coffee = match made in heaven. Oat milk is extremely versatile and creamier than almond milk, another non-dairy alternative popular with coffee drinkers. It froths up like real milk and has a rich flavor profile that compliments coffee beautifully. Many coffee shops now prefer using oat milk over dairy milk! If you’re a creamy coffee kinda person, try oat milk. You won’t be disappointed!


3. Honey

Move over, sugar. Sayonara, stevia. If you like sweet coffee, honey gets a gold medal. Not only does it provide a sweet boost, the health benefits of honey are astronomical. Local honey can help with your allergies and inflammation. Honey is rich in antioxidants, has antibacterial properties, helps soothe a sore throat and cold symptoms and assists with digestive issues.


4. Cinnamon

If you’re a fan of flavored coffee, a pinch of cinnamon can change your coffee game (it also has added health benefits!) Add it before or after you brew based on your preferences. A pinch in your coffee can lower your blood sugar, decrease cancer risks, provide an antioxidant boost, and help protect your brain and heart.

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