1. How do I clean my Clever Dripper?

All of our Clever Drippers are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan Plastic. This means they are sturdy, long lasting and easy to clean. After each use, we highly recommend rinsing your Dripper, coaster and lid with hot water and letting the water flow through the stopper valve. Let it air dry after. Don’t leave your Clever Filter and coffee in the Dripper for an extended period of time after use. This prevents potential discoloration.

Every once in a while clean your Dripper, coaster and lid by hand with hot water and soap. This will keep it sanitized and further prevent potential coffee stains. We do not recommend putting your Clever Dripper in the dishwasher.

For a deeper clean see our blog post.

2. I’m out of filters, now what?

We know you’ll want to brew a delicious cup as soon as you get your Clever Dripper, that is why we include 100 eco-friendly filters with every Dripper. However, if you love coffee as much as us, they don’t last forever. 

Luckily, you can purchase more Clever Filters here: https://sablebrew.com/products/clever-coffee-dripper-filters-100-filter-for-use-with-large-18oz-dripper-size-4


3. What is the benefit of immersion brewing over pour over/drip brewing?

    During a pour over/drip method of brewing (think v60, Chemex), hot water flows through coffee grounds with the help of gravity. This can bring out delicate flavors in coffee. During immersion brewing, coffee grounds get to immerse in water for as long as you like and develop a lot of flavor. The extended contact time between the coffee grounds and the water during immersion brewing can develop a deeper, richer, more satisfying flavor profile. 


4. How do I brew with a Clever Dripper?

    One of the best parts about using a Clever Dripper is how customizable it is. While we do have a standard brewing method that is great for starting out, feel free to experiment with your own grind size, ratios, water temperature and more. It's your world, we're just living in it.

  1. Insert a provided filter into the Dripper. (Barista tip: pour a little bit of hot water on the filter to help it mold to the Dripper and get rid of any "papery taste" before adding your coffee)
  2. Pour 300 mL of just boiling water (between 195°-205°F, or 91°-96°C) over 20g of medium/course ground coffee
  3. The coffee to water ratio should be around 1:15-1:20
  4. Let the water and coffee steep together in the Dripper for 1-4 minutes
  5. Place the Dripper on your vessel of choice (mug, carafe, chalice- we don't judge) and let the delicious coffee flow.


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