Cleaning your Clever Dripper - Full Guide

Daily Use

A simple hand rinse of your Clever Dripper after each use is usually enough to keep it clean and in working order. If you have left coffee in it for over an hour a drop of dish soap with the rinse will help.

Over time some staining may occur, but a stained or discolored Clever Dripper is still safe to use and will not effect the taste of your coffee.

Avoid the dishwasher.

Although they are dishwasher friendly, doing so may result in discoloration of your dripper. To keep it working and looking great long term. Keep to hand-rinse and hand washing it.

Deep Cleaning

If you start noticing a change in taste, it may be time for a deeper clean of your dripper.

It's important to be careful when you do so and make sure that you do it correctly so as not to damage anything and to make sure the Clever Stopper works how its supposed to.

Follow these Instructions to Dismantle your Clever Dripper

1. How To Dismantle - Clever Dripper

Wash pieces by hand and set to dry.

Putting your Clever Dripper back together.

Much easier than humpty dumpty.

2 How To Assemble - Clever Dripper

3 How To Assemble Continued - Clever Dripper

And that's it. You are ready to brew another delicious cup!

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