The Ultimate Clever Dripper Brewing Guide

The Clever Coffee Dripper is a manual brew method that uses full immersion (coffee grounds fully submerged in water) to create a delicious, consistent cup of coffee every time. It’s easy to pick up for beginners and customizable for professional baristas. Because of the unique Clever stopper valve and paper filter, your coffee stays in the brewer until you’re ready and prevents any sediment from ending up in your cup. Think of the bold, delicious taste of French Press coffee without the mess!

One of the best parts about using a Clever Dripper is how customizable it is. While we do have a standard brewing method that is great for starting out, feel free to experiment with your own grind size, ratios, water temperature and more. It's your world, we're just livin' in it.

Standard Clever Dripper recipe:

1. Insert a provided filter into the Dripper. (Barista tip: pour a little bit of hot water on the filter to help it mold to the Dripper and get rid of any "papery taste" before adding your coffee) If you run out of Clever filters, we recommend a size 4 cone filter.

2.  Pour 300 mL of just boiling water (between 195°-205°F, or 91°-96°C) over 20g of medium/coarse ground coffee.

3. The coffee to water ratio should be around 1:15-1:20.

4. Let the water and coffee steep together in the Dripper for 1-4 minutes. (Barista tip: give the grounds a good stir 30 seconds before you release the coffee to make sure all the coffee grounds are fully incorporate)

5. Place the Dripper on your vessel of choice (mug, carafe, chalice- we don't judge) and let the delicious coffee flow.

What's your favorite Clever brewing tip? Let us know in the comments down below.

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