When You Brew Great Coffee, Don't Forget the One Thing That Matters Most

Your ultimate coffee journey has begun- you have a coffee grinder, you've invested in your favorite beans. You measure your water and get a perfect water temperature. But still, something is missing- you aren't getting your perfect cup. What could be going wrong?

Brewing great coffee starts with the grounds- is your grind size consistent and fit for your brewing method? There are many different reasons as to why incorrect grind size is giving you a less than palatable brew. When you grind them too finely with the wrong brew method, they can become over-extracted and sour; when you grind them too coarsely, they don't release their full flavor potential and are considered under-extracted.


The backbone of great coffee is a perfect ground size. Use this guide to find out which works best for each brew method:

Extra Fine Grind (feels light, powdery): Turkish Coffee

Fine Grind (feels silky): Espresso, Moka Pot (stovetop espresso)

Medium/Fine Grind (feels gritty, looks like fine sand): Aeropress

Medium Grind (feels grainy/crumbly): Most pourover methods, automatic drip coffee makers

Medium/Coarse Grind (feels like sand): Clever Coffee Dripper, Chemex

Coarse Grind (feels like sea salt): French Press, Percolator

Extra Coarse Grind (feels like ground peppercorn): Cold Brew

But HOLD UP! Grind size means nothing of it isn't consistent. Inconsistent grind size can cause your coffee to be over or under-extracted and leave you disappointed. This usually comes down to your grinder. Let's talk about blade vs. Burr grinders.


Image: Honest Coffee Guide

Conical burr grinders can be manual or motorized. They usually come with a heftier price tag compared to blade grinders, but it’s worth it. Burr grinders are able to produce a much more consistent grind size because of the shape and spacing of the burrs. Blade grinders are flat, which allow for pieces of coffee to get stuck and become too fine, or missed and not grinded enough. 

Just like the perfect cup of coffee, a well-grounded coffee is hard to come by. After reading this guide and with these quick tips you will brew amazing tasting cups every time!

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